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DVR Security Camera Systems

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Purchasing a DVR security camera system is the first step in setting up CCTV security cameras or a surveillance system. The DVR recorders offered by Gadspot include four, eight, and sixteen-channel models. Each channel will support one security camera. The benefits of the DVR security systems sold by Gadspot over other CCTV options include a system that is low cost, easy to maintain, fast one-button operation, and high-resolution.

Every function on the security system is available at the push of a button. There’s no need to deal with computers or outdated time-lapse systems.

Some of our most popular DVR recorder models include the GS2011, which supports up to four cameras and physical media backup, the GS2111, which supports eight cameras, and the GS2211, which supports sixteen cameras.

4 More Reasons To Buy Your DVR Security System at Gadspot

Gadspot has excellent prices compared to other security system vendors.

All security products include technical support, available five days a week.

Gadspot will ship your DVR security camera system on the same day that you purchase it.

Gadspot offers wide choices for security product resellers, system security installers, or OEM companies looking to private label DVR security systems.